What is Top Swiss HD Lace?

For many years, we have been pursuing a more perfect lace to suit our skin tone, from dark brown lace - medium brown lace - light brown lace - transparent lace to the generally accepted  HD lace now. It’s also given different names among companies, such as clear lace, air lace, sheer lace. But honestly, it's the same HD lace.


There is only one factory in the world that can produce this real HD lace. It is a factory with more than 100 years history. It is leaders for traditional, genuine bobbinet tulle and knitted fabrics, with official website of swisstulle.ch. Limited by it’s production capacity, so many kinds of HD lace comes out on the markets. They are different in colors, thickness and mesh size. Even the same company can not guarantee a consistent supply with different batches. Of course, these are all HD lace, which is better than transparent lace and brown lace.  


Labhairs has also been devoted great efforts on the HD lace fields. After years of tests and marketing feedback, we confirmed a perfect HD lace type - #1.84055 (mesh size) 100% PA (material) COL.F60284 (color) S+2* (times of glue), with it’s reddish-brown color to be perfectly integrated into our skin, while retaining the comfort and flexibility, comfortable to wear and not easy to break.


For the above reasons, Labhairs signed a long-term supply agreement with Swisstulle to ensure that every HD lace product received by our customers is the same type, which is named as Top Swiss HD Lace.


Please note that, we are not saying that you can’t buy  this type of lace from other suppliers. Just because it’s limited in production, so most companies will mix different lace to sell together. If you want stable Top Swiss HD Lace supply, please trust Labhairs will definitely be your best choice!


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