LabHairs Wig Affiliate Program

LabHairs Affiliate Program

 If you are a fan of Labhairs and are keen on sharing your love of our wigs with the world, you are a perfect match for us!

Just promote our products through all the social channels and online mediums, get clicks, and wait for commissions to pour in!  There is NO-threshold, NO-cost, and NO-difficult for all users to earn real cash with just one share click.

Earning is easy with Labhairs Affiliate Program ↓

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Any further questions about our Affiliate Program? Please feel free to contact:

LabHairs Official Affiliate

1.How it works?

Step1 Join: It's 100% free to join. Partner with us and start earning today!

Step2 Share: Get tracking links of our store or promotions and share.

Step3 Earn:Earn up to 10% commission from all products.

2.Your Benefits

You will earn up to 10% commission: The commission is calculated on a per-order basis, with each order receiving the flat rate commission.

3.Your Friends Benefits

1. Over 200 hairstyles to choose

2. Affordable prices with 18% VIP Discount

3.30days no reason return&exchange service

Why To Join In Labhairs Customer Club?

1. Purchasing Hair Will Save More Money.

2. Win Reward Points,You can redeem VIP Gift.

3. Be the first to know our newest hair promotion.

How To Check The Reward Points You have ?

>>> Log into your account ,then click here<<<


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